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Task Team on National Climate Monitoring Products

Terms of Reference:

  1. Consider the existing national climate monitoring products and determine which of these products are most important from a scientific perspective as well as which products generate the most interest among the general public within those countries;
  2. Consider the existing capabilities within developing countries to potentially produce the climate monitoring products documented in (1) above
  3. Develop a list of from two to six national climate monitoring products that the team recommends Members produce;
  4. Precisely document the construction of this priority list of national climate monitoring products in a publication intended to be an addition to the WCDMP publications;
  5. Determine if it would be helpful to develop software to calculate these products and, if so, what language would be appropriate for the software;
  6. Should software be deemed appropriate, either create the software or recommend that such software be created;
  7. Report to OPACE-2 co-chairs; and
  8. Task team lead to inform the OPACE co-chairs that the task is finished and that the team can be dissolved.


  1. John Kennedy (Chair) - UK
  2. Ladislaus B. Chang'a(Co-Chair) - Tanzania
  3. Andrew Watkins - Australia
  4. Dereck Arndt - USA
  5. Olga Bulygina - Russia
  6. Mesut Demircan - Turkey
  7. Raj Booneeday - Mauritius
  8. Mohamed Semawi - Jordan

Further information

Brochure: National Climate Monitoring Products



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