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Meeting of Commission for Climatology Expert Team on Climate Services Information System (ET-CSIS)

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

4-6 December 2012


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To review the recent developments in the implementation aspects of the Climate Services Information System (CSIS) pillar of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) and determine its future activities relevant to the Terms of Reference of CCl ET-CSIS.


Final Report

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List of participants

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Presentations given during the meeting

Kolli Update on Climate Services Information System (CSIS) Evolution presented by Rupa Kumar Kolli
Stone An Australian and USQ perspective ( ‘the case study of a user and producer‘s perspective’) presented by Roger C. Stone



University of Southern Queensland,
Toowoomba Campus in Block TA452
West Street, Toowoomba 4350
Tel: +61 7 4631 2100

Map of the campus:



Additional information for the participants is available here. - Annex


Pre-meeting documents

4 Dec 2012 1 Opening
  2 Organization of the meeting
  3 Update on CSIS evolution
  4 Designing a prototype of core CSIS operations
  4.1 Relevant CSIS Implementation Plan priorities
  4.2 Elements of a minimum set of climate information outputs expected from
  4.3 Elements of a minimum set of climate services expected from NMHSs
  4.4 Climate Services Toolkit requirements and potential candidate tools relevant to 4.1-4.3
  4.5 Aspects of operations incl. standardisation and CSIS Technical reference Manual needs and contents relevant to 4.1-4.3
  4.6 Liaison aspects (CCl, CBS, WIS, WCRP, GDPFS, other GFCS pillars etc.) relevant to 4.1-4.3
  4.7 Capacity building aspects relevant to 4.1-4.3
  4.8 Impact on CSIS Implementation Plan priorities
  5 Activities and deliverables of the Expert Team in the current intersessional period
  6 Any other business
  7 Conclusions and recommendations
  8 Closing


Reference documents



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