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Expert Team on Climate Services Information System (CSIS)

Terms of Reference:

  1. Keep under review the emerging features of the Climate Services Information System (CSIS) within the draft implementation plan of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), and liaise CCl contributions thereto;
  2. Advise the CCl Management Group on the GFCS governance aspects relevant to CSIS;
  3. Develop and implement an action plan for the transition of the CLIPS project into the GFCS as decided by Cg-XVI and based on the recommendations of the CCl Task Team on CLIPS;
  4. Define a minimum set of climate information outputs, covering historical, monitoring, prediction and verification information, that are expected of the CSIS;
  5. Define of a minimum set of climate services expected of the NMS in its role in the User Interface Platform (UIP);
  6. Identify of a primary set of Climate Service Toolkit (CST) contents;
  7. Guide the creation of a draft prototype CST from a selection of commonly-used climate datasets and the primary set of software tools that can be freely distributed on electronic media, or links to tools that are available only online;
  8. Guide the establishment of a national Focal Point network for CSIS, including their terms of reference, reporting process and coordination;
  9. Liaise closely with CBS to establish formal structures for operational CSIS elements, and facilitate the global-regional-national linkages in the flow of climate information;
  10. Liaise and work closely with the other OPACEs to ensure that the relevant aspects are adequately addressed;
  11. Submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPACE III Co-Chairs.



  1. Dr Simon Mason, USA (Lead)
  2. Dr Arun Kumar, USA
  3. Dr Andre Kamga, Cameroon
  4. Ms Barbara Tapia, Chile
  5. Dr Madhavan Rajeevan Nair, India
  6. Dr M. Coughlan, Australia (Lead, ET-RCCs, ex-officio)
  7. Dr Manola Brunet, Spain (OPACE-II Co-Chair, ex-officio)
  8. Dr Roger Stone, Australia (Lead, TT-User Interface, ex-officio)




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