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Task Team on CLIPS Evolution

Terms of Reference:

Develop and provide to the CCl Management Group for further action, within a period of 9 months from the date of formation of the Task Team, the following:

  1. A set of overall functions of National Climate Centres (NCCs) to coordinate national-level technical activities for basic climate data, diagnostics, climate system monitoring, and in many cases long-range forecasts (LRF), to help alignment with the core products and services of Global Producing Centres of Long Range Forecasts (GPCs) and Regional Climate Centres (RCCs)/RCC Networks;
  2. A concept note on National Climate Services (NCSs), including proposals for a range of possible structures and coordination mechanisms and clear definitions of climate services, from the perspectives of national programmes, and services to users, ensuring due flexibility around the proposed roles and responsibilities of NCSs and NCCs according to national capabilities and priorities;
  3. An outline for a climate information and prediction services toolbox;
  4. Review of the past experiences with the CLIPS Focal Point network, and development of a new Climate Services Information System (CSIS) Focal Point network along with their Terms of Reference;
  5. A draft action plan for the transition of CLIPS into the upcoming GFCS; and
  6. Task team lead to inform the OPACE co-chairs that the task is finished and that the team can be dissolved.


  1. Simon Mason, USA (Chair)
  2. David Walland, Australia
  3. Buruhani Nyenzi, Tanzania
  4. Christopher Hewitt, UK
  5. Atul Kumar Sahai , India
  6. Sai-ming Lee, Hong Kong , China
  7. Barbara Tapia, Chile


The Task Team on CLIPS Evolution (TT-CLIPS) has submitted its draft report, which is available here.  CCl-XV Management Group, at its second meeting in October 2011, decided that TT-CLIPS would be disbanded upon finalization of its report, and proposed that a new CCl Expert Team on Climate Services Information System (ET-CSIS) would take into account the recommendations of TT-CLIPS.



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