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Joint CCl/CBS Expert Team on Regional Climate Centers

Terms of Reference:

Develop and provide to the CCl and CBS Management Groups for further consideration, technical guidance as well as the oversight approaches for the establishment and operation of Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) and RCC Networks, and to closely liaise with the concerned experts of CCl, CBS, regional associations and RCCs/RCC Networks on this matter, with the following specific activities:

  1. Guide the implementation, designation and effective operation of RCCs, including to keep RCCs up to date on evolving or new research or operational developments; to promote inclusion of highly recommended functions in the RCCs and RCC-networks; to identify and promote training in development and delivery of RCC products and services; and to monitor performance of RCCs and propose improvements as required;
  2. Establish global standards for mandatory RCC products and services and their delivery, as well as verification of forecasts and reporting of results;
  3. Promote the use of GPC and RCC forecast products at regional and national levels and development of consensus-based forecasts, especially through mechanisms such as RCOFs;
  4. Liaise with other relevant CCl OPACEs, regional associations, WCRP/CLIVAR regional panels, CBS/DPFS, CAS and other relevant entities as required;
  5. Develop project concepts for resource mobilization, and guide project implementation in support of RCC implementation in vulnerable regions;
  6. Submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPACE 3 co-chairs.


  1. Michael Coughlan, Australia (Chair)
  2. Stefan Rösner, Germany (Co-Chair)
  3. Wassila Thiaw, USA
  4. Ryuji Yamada, Japan
  5. Epiphane Ahlonsou, Benin
  6. David Jones, Australia (CBS Representative)
  7. Caio Coelho, Brazil (CBS Representative)


ET-RCCs held its first meeting from 12 to 14 October 2011 at Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Headquarters, Offenbach, Germany, to consider the various issues related to the designation process of RCCs, current status of RCC implementation, guidance on RCC establishment and operations, standardization of RCC products and services, promoting and supporting resource mobilization, etc. Click here for the final report of the meeting.





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