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Task Team on Global Seasonal Climate Update

Terms of Reference:

  1. Develop, including through a scoping workshop, a mechanism to generate regular global consensus statements on the seasonal climate, termed Global Seasonal Climate Update (GSCU), through expert assessments of global climate monitoring products of the current season and the outlooks for the ensuing season in terms of the broad patterns of precipitation and temperature, along with the indication of the situation and expected evolution of the major general circulation features of both atmosphere and ocean;
  2. Develop practical approaches to facilitate enhanced use of GPC and related Lead Centres' long-range forecast products by RCCs and other regional entities, RCOFs, and NMHSs, including through the GSCU concept;
  3. Develop an outline for a consensus statement with a comprehensive assessment of current and coming seasonal global climate anomalies, including the uncertainty aspects, to assist in risk management, adaptation policies and decision making by global partners;
  4. Develop an implementation plan to engage potential contributors to develop the GSCU on a trial basis in near-real-time and for limited circulation and peer review;
  5. Liaise with the CCl-XV OPACE-2 expert/task teams on aspects of climate monitoring and assessment;
  6. Identify lead coordinators for operational production of the GSCU;
  7. Report to OPACE-3 co-chairs on the progress; and
  8. Task team lead to inform the OPACE co-chairs that the task is finished and that the team can be dissolved.


  1. Won-Tae Yun, Korea (Chair)
  2. Richard Graham, UK (Co-Chair)
  3. Ashok Karumuri , India
  4. Vladimir Kryjov, Russian Federation
  5. Christopher Oludhe, Kenya
  6. Janita Pahalad , Australia
  7. Ahira Sanchez-Lugo, USA





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