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Expert Team on Strategy for Capacity Building for Climate Services


Meeting of the Expert Team (Geneva, 5-7 August 2013)



Terms of Reference:

  1. To consider the guidance at the Annex to Resolution 7 (CCl-XV) and further develop and refine the various elements of the Capacity Building Strategy for Climate Services;
  2. To review the existing WMO mechanisms/procedures for capacity building and propose revisions/guidelines to address the relevant needs of climate services;
  3. To develop an implementation plan for Capacity Building Strategy keeping in view the ongoing developments towards the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services;
  4. To coordinate and liaise on these matters with the relevant WMO Programmes and advisory bodies, particularly the WMO Education and Training Programme (ETRP) and the EC WG on Capacity Building and the EC Panel of Experts on Education and Training;
  5. To develop a monitoring process; how to track the success and that the success if permanent, needs a mechanism to make sure that the capacity building is effective;
  6. To identify the need to improve NMHS’s climate communication capabilities;
  7. To report to the CCl Management Group.


  1. Mr Serhat Sensoy (Lead), Turkey;
  2. Dr. Manola Brunet, Spain;
  3. Dr. Albert Martis, Curaçao;
  4. Dr. Rodney Martinez, Ecuador;
  5. Dr. Xiong Anyuan, China;
  6. Mr Ryuji Yamada, Japan;
  7. Dr. Valentina Khan, Russia;
  8. Prof. Jerome Adebayo Omotosho, Nigeria;
  9. Ms Edna Juanillo, Phillippines.








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