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Meeting of the CCl Expert Team on Strategy for Capacity Building for Climate Services (CCl-ET-SCBCS)


Geneva, Switzerland, 5-7 August 2013


Agenda items and relevant documents


» Final Report


Item Agenda item Document number
1. Organization of the Session  
Opening of the session  
Adoption of the agenda Draft Agenda
Working arrangements  
2. Background information and review of the CCl-ET-SCBCS since its establishment Doc. 2
3 Key issues relevant to Capacity Building for Climate Services  
Basic requirements of functional capacities for end-to-end climate services Doc. 3(a)
Components of capacity building strategy as considered by the GFCS Capacity Development Pillar Doc. 3(b)
Identification and addressing of gaps Doc. 3(c)
4 Review of WMO mechanisms and procedures for Capacity building guidelines to address the needs of Climate Services Doc. 4(1)
Doc. 4(2)
5 Work plan Doc. 5
6 Monitoring process of the various Capacity Building development efforts Doc. 6
7 Any other business  
8 Conclusions and recommendations  
9 Closure of the meeting  


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