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Expert Team on Climate Data Management Systems (ET-CDMS)

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Terms of Reference

  1. Develop and implement a monitoring mechanism for a continued updating of the CDMSs Specifications document and establish an updateable register of CDMS compliance with the specifications;
  2. Consolidate the work done on defining CDMS specifications, including climate metadata and distinguishing observations from formal and informal sources such as crowd-sourced data;
  3. Consider making a proposal for a possible amendment of the Technical Regulations with respect to the CDMS specifications;
  4. Work with the CBS Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata and Data Representation Development (IPET-MDRD) to develop a Logical Data Model that facilitates efficient exchange of Climate Observations Data and Metadata;
  5. Develop and pursue a strategy for Open Source CDMS development;
  6. Collaborate with the GFCS, and other relevant bodies and technical commissions on the development of a sustainable strategy to meet on-going needs for support, training and skills availability for CDMS and Data Rescue.


  1. Rachid Sebbari, Morocco
  2. Anyuan Xiong, China
  3. Hernán Veiga, Argentina
  4. Joffrey Boekhoudt, Curacao
  5. Bruce Bannermann, Australia (co-leader)
  6. Denis Stuber, France (leader)
  7. Steve Palmer, UK

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