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Expert Team Data Rescue (ET-DARE)

Terms of Reference

The ET-DARE will engage in activities that lead to more data being rescued, including but not limited to the following Terms of Reference;

  1. Establish and record, through contact with interested parties including data users and data centres, general and specific needs for the rescue of historic observational data and metadata records;
  2. Assess regional needs for data rescue projects and investigate associated synergies across different regions, WMO Programmes and Commissions and other international climate data recovery efforts;
  3. Arrange to implement, populate, and maintain an International Data Rescue web portal (I-DARE) that summarizes key information and provides a gap analysis w.r.t. data rescue activities internationally;
  4. Develop, and amend as necessary, guidelines and best practices for the rescue, inventory, hard-copy and electronic storage, imaging and digitization of climate data records;
  5. Collaborate with groups associated with the delivery of climate services and research around their priorities for data rescue, including relevant workshops;
  6. Explore efforts in crowdsourcing as a data rescue strategy (e.g., for marine data and citizen science alliance).


  1. David Muchemi, Kenya
  2. Kumar G. Krishna, India
  3. Jose Carlos Canales, Peru
  4. Nancy Westcott, USA (leader)
  5. Meaghan Flannery, Australia (co-leader)
  6. Peter Siegmund, The Netherlands
  7. Rob Allan, UK
  8. Richard Crouthamel, USA

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