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Inter-programme Expert Team on the Climate Data Modernization Programme (IPET-CDMP)


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop consistent guidance around climate data from various sources, and metadata, including on standards for preservation, archiving, management and information services; that would boost the availability, discovery and the exchange of climate data with the required quality and timeliness;
  2. Undertake tasks to review and update the applicable WMO Technical Regulations and guidance documents, defining as deemed necessary new technical regulations relevant to data and metadata in support of climate;
  3. Recommend training and capacity development strategies and identify the elements of the required global infrastructure;
  4. Further develop the proposed redefinition of the Climatological Standard Normals as a Technical Regulation to Cg-17, and develop a communication strategy to explain the use of the new standard to Members and their key stakeholders; 
  5. Investigate ways to combine satellite information with station observations for vulnerable and data sparse areas by filling spatial and temporal gaps in existing climate observations;
  6. Engage with other technical commissions and other groups such as WIGOS, WIS, GCOS, JCOMM in matters on climate data.


  1. Matteo Dell'Acqua, CBS (co-leader)
  2. William Wright, Australia (co-leader)
  3. Christiana Lief, USA
  4. Guofu Wang, China
  5. Lydia Gates, JCOMM
  6. Meriem Alaouri, Morocco
  7. Michel Rixen, WCRP
  8. Mithat Ekici, Turkey
  9. Caterina Tassone, GCOS





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