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Rapporteurs on Climate Observational Issues


Terms of Reference

Through their own efforts and through collaborating and mobilizing additional experts within and outside the Commission, address a variety of climate observational issues including the following:

  1. Provide authoritative guidance on the special needs of the climate community for homogeneous, continuous and high quality observations;
  2. Engage with and communicate these climate needs to relevant technical commissions and other groups such as WIGOS, WIS, GCOS, JCOMM, and the Global Cryospheric Watch;
  3. Acknowledge particular problems in developing and least developed countries in the sustainability of observations systems, and develop plans for issues such as the establishment of global voluntary observing networks;
  4. Support ad hoc CCl activities related to climate observations, data and standards (e.g., Centennial Climate Stations, Climatological Standard Normals, etc.);
  5. Advance specifications for Climate Reference Networks; produce a statement of guidance for creating climate observing networks or climate reference stations with aspects such as types of instruments, metadata, and siting;
  6. Address gaps between the work of the Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI) on linking with manufacturers and that of CIMO on instruments and sensor accuracy, and the metadata gathered and available in CDMSs with details on the exposure of surface instruments;
  7. Examine ways to work with observational data from voluntary, crowd sourced and other observing networks where the standards of instrumentation and exposure do not necessarily meet with the full standards, but where their very nature has other benefits, especially the density of observations and increasing the involvement of communities.



  1. Souleymane Hamid Abakar, Chad
  2. Barry Goodison, Canada
  3. Andrea Merlone, CCT
  4. Jay Lawrimore, USA
  5. TBD
  6. Peter Thorne, Norway




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