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Expert Team on National Climate Monitoring Products (ET-NCMP)


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop the specifications of the newly defined National Climate Monitoring Products (NCMPs), including for their provision and the associated software requirements, and develop guidance for their operational production and dissemination;
  2. Conduct an assessment of the existing capabilities for national climate monitoring, including through surveys and workshops;
  3. Collaborate with other groups such as the relevant CBS teams regarding the creation, coding, implementation and the exchange of NCMPs, obtain feedback on NCMP implementation from suitable points of contact in NMHSs, and liaise with World Data Centres as appropriate on scientific and technical guidance;
  4. Collaborate with ETCCDI to assess the feasibility of, and provide –if appropriate- a methodology for, combining RClimDex with appropriate gridding software to develop a unified NCMP software package suitable for use on routine basis by the NMHSs.


  1. Ladislaus Chang'a, Tanzania
  2. Ayako Takeuchi, Japan
  3. Andrea M. Ramos, Brazil
  4. Lucie Vincent, Canada (co-leader)
  5. Jessica Blunden, USA
  6. Karl Braganza, Australia
  7. John Kennedy, UK (leader)

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