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Rapporteurs on World Weather and Climate Extreme Records (Rap-WWCER)


Terms of Reference

  1. Create guidelines and appropriate mechanism (e.g., ad hoc Assessment Committees) on verification of national, regional and global extremes;
  2. Take the lead in creating, verifying, and maintaining a database of national(*), regional and global extreme records, and in documenting such events, e.g., in peer-reviewed scientific papers;
  3. Develop guidelines and recommend means for continuing this record of extremes as a permanent archive;
  4. Set up an ad hoc committee and undertake an evaluation of the potential record high extreme of 57.3 degrees C recorded in Azizia, Libya on the 24th day of the month of August in 1923.  This ad hoc evaluation committee would include individuals with relevant recognized international expertise along with Mr. Ali Eddenjal and another individual nominated by the Permanent Representative of Libya.

(*)for national data bases the focus will be on providing guidance to the NMHSs


  1. Ali Salem Eddenjal, Libya
  2. D.R. Pattanaik, India
  3. Mario Bidegain, Uruguay
  4. Randall Cerveny, USA (leader)
  5. Gregor Macara, New Zealand
  6. Serpil Yagan, Turkey




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