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Task Team on Definitions of Extreme Weather and Climate Events (TT-DEWCE)

Second Meeting of the Task Team on Definitions of Extreme Weather and Climate Events, Guangzhou, China, 23-25 May 2016

Terms of Reference

  1. Provide guidance to Members on the methodologies and standards for defining extreme weather and climate events and assessing their attribution and return periods, and advise on adequate computational tools for the assessment;
  2. Identify and provide a set of tools and univocal definitions to analyse climate extremes, both point-based and regional indices;
  3. Implement an inter-operable Web Portal holding a database for regional extreme weather and climate events;
  4. Explore and propose additional extreme indices, especially those not addressed in CCl-XV.


  1. Kouakou Bernard Dje, Côte d’Ivoire
  2. Panmao Zhai, China (leader)
  3. Maria de los Milagros Skansi, Argentina
  4. Ahira Sánchez-Lugo, USA (co-leader)
  5. Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan, Indonesia
  6. Mirjana Ivanov, Montenegro

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