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Climate Prediction, Projection, and Delivery Mechanisms (OPACE 3)

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The objective of OPACE 3 is to foster the authenticity, reliability and consistency of climate information, products and services particularly at regional and national scales and enhancement of climate knowledge of users in terms of readiness to use climate information constructively in their applications.  OPACE 3 also provides guidance on the requirements and best practices for establishing climate service programmes to operationally provide climate information, products and services, and to ensure their quality. OPACE 3 will provide key inputs to WMO’s contributions to the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), particularly in the establishment and operation of the Climate Services Information System (CSIS) component of the GFCS.

OPACE 3 has a special responsibility of steering the Climate Information and Prediction Services (CLIPS) project evolution and its eventual transition into GFCS.  As part of this activity, OPACE 3 is working to develop the concepts of National Climate Centres (NCCs) and National Climate Services (NCSs) and also put together a CLIPS Toolbox to support National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in operationally generating climate information and prediction products. OPACE 3 is further engaged in guiding the establishment of Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) around the world, establishing standardized processes for the generation and dissemination of RCC products.  It will be closely working with the global, regional and national entities to ensure an efficient flow of operational climate information across these scales. Considering that there are multiple sources of climate products, OPACE 3 also strives to promote consensus approach to facilitate common understanding, through mechanisms like Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs).  On the global scale, OPACE 3 plans to develop a consensus-based Global Seasonal Climate Update. OPACE 3 also works closely with the climate research community to accelerate operationalization of research advances, particularly in the development of reliable and actionable climate prediction products.

Co-chairs: Akihiko Shimpo (Japan) and Jean-Pierre Céron (France).







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