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Task Team on Tailored Climate Information (TT-TCI)

Terms of Reference

  1. Assess needs: Summarise needs-assessments for tailored climate information, especially in GFCS priority areas. Assess needs for providers to enable the delivery of the required tailored services;
  2. Develop technical guidance: Prepare guidance for the development of tailored climate services;
  3. Liaise with relevant teams: Liaise with OPACE 4 on user interface and sector-specific climate indices. Liaise with other relevant Teams;
  4. Develop examples: Propose and assist in the implementation of a set of sample tailored climate information products by collaborating with other experts within and outside the Commission.



  1. Fatou Sima, The Gambia
  2. Mansour Almazroui, Saudi Arabia
  3. Juan Arevalo, Venezuela
  4. Simon Mason, USA (co-leader)
  5. David Walland, Australia (leader)
  6. Jana Sillmann, Norway
  7. Carlo Buontempo, UK




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