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User Interface for Climate Adaptation and Risk Management (OPACE 4)

The objective of the Open Panel of Commission for Climatology Experts (OPACE) 4 is to improve decision-making for planning, operations, risk management and adaptation to climate change and variability.  This will be achieved through a higher level of climate knowledge along with access to and use of actionable information and products.

The activities undertaken under OPACE 4 primarily focus on the development of tailored climate information, products and services for user application in adaptation and risk management (see OPACE 4 information on Climate Risk Management and results of the Symposium on Climate Risk Management), and on the interface with user groups. 

These activities provide key contributions to the User Interface Platform (UIP) component of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS)  and  A Dialogue for Climate Services Users and Providers.

The work of OPACE 4 is multidisciplinary, and its core priority sectors for consideration are agriculture / food security and water, requiring close collaboration with the WMO Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) and the Commission for Hydrology (CHy). These priorities expand and grow to include others such as health, energy, urban matters, tourism, and coastal climate change.

Co-chairs: Rodney Martinez (Ecuador) and Andrew Tait (New Zealand).







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