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Expert Team on Climate Risk Management (ET-CRM)

Terms of Reference

  1. Further develop guidance on the concept of Climate Risk Management (CRM);
  2. Identify and describe examples of best practices in CRM already in use in different parts of the world, particularly in GFCS priority sectors;
  3. Develop a strategy for systematically implementing the concept of CRM by WMO Members, through training workshops, educational materials (preferably for e-learning), and practical tools to apply CRM principles.



  1. Daniel W. Wepukhulo, Kenya
  2. Klimentiy Valiev, Uzbekistan
  3. Gabriela Rosas, Peru
  4. Jennifer Milton, Canada (leader)
  5. Shahbaz Mushtaq, Australia
  6. Elena Akenteva, Russian Federation (co-leader)

Meetings & Workshops





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