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Expert Team on Climate Risk and Sector-Specific Climate Indices (ET-CRSCI)

Meeting reports

Terms of Reference

  1. Further develop the standardized software ClimPACT built during the fifteenth intersessional period, to generate sector-specific climate indices, including their time series based on historical data and methodologies to define simple and complex climate risks;
  2. Promote the use of globally consistent, sector-specific climate indices to bring out variability and trends in climate (e.g. droughts) of particular interest to socio-economic sectors, and to help characterize the climate sensitivity of various sectors;
  3. Develop the training materials needed to raise capacity and promote uniform approaches around the world in applying these techniques;
  4. Coordinate and lead regional workshops building on the experience gained with the initial workshop (Western South America, 2013);
  5. Extend ClimPACT set to include indices derived from other climate variables that are relevant for sector impacts.



  1. Fatima Zohra El Guelai, Morocco
  2. Toshiyuki Nakaegawa, Japan (co-leader)
  3. Amelia Diaz Pablo, Peru
  4. Adam Kalkstein, USA
  5. Lisa Alexander, Australia (leader)
  6. Gé Verver, Netherland


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