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Expert Team on the User Interface for Climate Information (ET-UICI)

Terms of Reference

  1. Develop guidance for users on integrating climate predictions and information into climate risk management, and adaptation strategies and planning, incorporating a user-friendly terminology;
  2. Collect and assess case studies relevant to quantifying the social and economic benefits of using climate information, products and services;
  3. Compile information on the vulnerability of GFCS priority sectors to climate variability and change and on the use of climate information in climate risk management and adaptation by these sectors, and publish these in the form of an online knowledgebase.



  1. Aymen Agrebi, Tunisia
  2. Akira Ito, Japan
  3. Esequiel Villegas, Peru
  4. Adrian Trotman, BCT
  5. Roger Stone, Australia (co-leader)   
  6. Chris Hewitt, UK (leader)




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