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Task Team on the Guide to Climatological Practices


Terms of Reference

  1. Identify key reviewers across four other OPACEs to assist in keeping the Guide to Climatological Practices up to date and state of the science;
  2. Review sections of the Guide according to the existing time table which calls for rapidly evolving areas to be reviewed more frequently than slowly evolving parts, coordinate the update those sections of the Guide as appropriate;
  3. Develop a new model for the Guide for ease of updating (e.g., CIMO’s Guide is a series of chapter pdfs, each of which can be updated without impacts to any of the other chapters);
  4. In collaboration with the Secretariat, review the climate relevant parts of WMO standards and technical regulations and propose updates where appropriate.


  1. Mohamed Hajjej, Tunisia
  2. Govindarajalu Srinivasan, India (Leader)
  3. Raul Mejia, Ecuador
  4. Tannecia Stephenson, Jamaica
  5. Nathaniel Guttman, USA
  6. Glenn McGregor, New Zealand
  7. Marina Baldi, Italy

Background information

  • First meeting of the Task Team on the Guide to Climatological Practices,20-21 November 2014, Geneva, Switzerland




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