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Advisors on Social Media


Terms of Reference

  1. Manage CCl’s Facebook Page in coordination with the WMO Secretariat;
  2. Pioneer the use of other social media in CCl communication;
  3. Use social media to cultivate a CCl community;
  4. Use social media to educate the CCl community on important climate-related developments;
  5. Define procedures and guidelines for CCl experts to communicate through CCl social media channels, including how CCl experts manage their responsibilities to both their 'home' institution and WMO policies;
  6. Liaise with the WMO Communications and Public Affairs Office for a more efficient use of social networks and media policy in general in order to explore better ways of communicating climate-related issues.


  1. Laurentine Bidie Dzitoukoulou, Congo
  2. Irina Zaytseva, Uzbekistan
  3. Diana Dominguez, Argentina
  4. Heidi Cullen, USA
  5. TBD
  6. Alexander Sterin, Russian Federation




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