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Expert Team on Education and Training (ET-ETR)


Terms of Reference

  1. Advise on education and training aspects of capacity development in climatology and further develop already existing competency standards for core job-tasks in climate services across the other four OPACES and with other WMO Technical Commissions and bodies such as WCRP and GCOS and with the WMO Education and Training Programme (ETRP);
  2. Identify guidance material that would help build capacity in NMHSs. If subject matter is in the domain of one of the other OPACES, encourage that OPACE to develop the guidance. If the material crosses OPACES or is not in another OPACE’s domain, undertake the development of the guidance material in collaboration with experts worldwide.


  1. Pascaline Chemaiyo, Kenya
  2. Pradeep Kumar Pallath, India
  3. Teresa Garcia, Peru
  4. Derek Arndt, USA
  5. Yahya Abawi, Australia
  6. Enric Aguilar, Spain (Leader)

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