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Meeting of Experts Team on Quality Management

Centre for Climate Research Singapore
28 -30 April 2015


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CCl-16 established ET-QM to develop and implement a strategy on quality management (QM) for climatology. The meeting will define the structure and workplan for completing the CCl Guideline on QM in climatology, which will be compiled in the CCl-16 period. It will also do likewise for a new chapter on QM in the WMO No. 100 publication, the Guide to Climatological Practices.


Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS)
Auditorium, Level 1
36 Kim Chuan Road
Singapore 537054

Meteorological Service Singapore


Information Note

Visa: if needed and upon request to WMO (please fill the Form), a support letter can be sent to the Embassy or Consulate concerned.

Hotel reservation: please fill the Form



Download full agenda in pdf

  1. Organization of the Session

  2. Review of the Terms of Reference of the Expert Team and discussion on a Work Plan for the Intersessional Period (ref. Best Practices and Minutes Inception Meeting of ET-QM)

  3. Consideration of Presentations on Quality Management and Ongoing Activities by ET-QM Members and the WMO Secretariat (ref. 3.1 Key Terms ISO Quality Management, 3.3 CCl EG-QM for Climatology Report, 3.6 Strategy for Service Delivery, Guiding Principles on Service Delivery and WMO Strategy for Service Delivery)

  4. Identification of the Titles and Elements of the CCl Guide on Quality Management (ref. WMO No 49, WMO No 1001, WMO 1100 and QMF -Hydrology)

  5. Distribution of Tasks Among the ET-QM Members and Setting the Deadlines

  6. Discussion on the Structure of a Chapter on Quality Management in the Guide to Climatological Practices (ref. WMO No 100 and Updated CCl GCP)

  7. Updates on the Webpage for CCl Quality Management (ref. WMO Activities on QM)

  8. Any Other Business

  9. Closure of the Session


Download full report in pdf



QM Internal Auditor Training for SW Pacific Meteorological Services 2012-2014, by Bryan Boase & Helen Tseros
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology - approach to QM.
Developing and implementing a QM approach to the delivery of products and services that achieves certification of compliance with AS/NZS ISO 9001, by Helen Tseros
Expanding the Role of the QMS-TT.
An overview of the CAeM WMO Task on Quality Management System QMS-TT and its proposed role in the future in terms of expanding into the wider WMO community
, by Helen Tseros
Quality management in climate service delivery Quality management in climate service delivery, by Amir Delju
What does quality management mean in climatology? By Charlotte McBride
Overall Quality Management and Capacity Building issues in the context of OPACE 5, by Tanja Cegnar
Quality Management in Climate Data and Monitoring, by Peer Hechler and Omar Baddour
Quality Management System at the Chilean Meteorological Service, by Barbara Tapia
Quality Management Status at National Climate Centre, by Huanping WU
Quality Management System in Maroc-Météo, by Fatima Zahra Bensaid
Quality Management at National Level, by Willis Mills
The Quality Management System of Turkish Meteorological Service (TSMS), by Yılmaz Açar
South Africa – lessons learnt, by Charlotte McBride
Relevance of Climate Prediction/Forecast Verification in Quality Management, by Joseph D. Intsiful




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