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CCl Rapporteurs for Volunteer Observing Networks


Because volunteer observing networks can be cost effective means for Members to create the data they need for climate monitoring, agricultural planning and research, disaster risk reduction, and water resource management as well as health sector planning. CCl would like to encourage and assist as possible in the creation and maintenance of these networks.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Provide guidance to WMO Members on development and deployment of volunteer observing networks.
  2. Encourage WMO Members to establish cost effective volunteer observing networks.
  3. Assess the potential usefulness of a WMO Guidance document on volunteer observing networks, and if appropriate, lead the development of such a document.
  4. Report on activities to both the Chair of the CCl Expert Group on Strategy for Capacity Building for Climate Services and the Co-Chairs of Open Panel of CCl Experts (OPACE I) on Climate Data Management.


  1. Nolan Doesken, USA
  2. Henry Reges, USA








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