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At its fourteenth session (Beijing, China, 3-10 November 2005) the Commission agreed that the CCl Management Group (MG) was responsible for integration of the CCl programme areas, evaluation of progress achieved, deciding upon priorities with regard to available resources, coordination of strategic planning and deciding on necessary adjustments to the working structure during the intersessional period. It further agreed to maintain the overall membership of not more than 10 persons, inclusive of the president, vice-president, chairpersons of the four OPAGs of the Commission, a number of regional representatives and a representative of the World Data Centres. The Commission established the new CCl Management Group by adopting Resolution 3 (CCl-XIV) which includes the Management Group's Terms of Reference and membership (Ref CCl-XIV section 11.2.9).


CC President (chairperson) Pierre Bessemoulin (France)
CCl Vice-president Wang Shourong (China)
Chairperson OPAG 1 Raino Heino (Finland)
Chairperson OPAG 2 Thomas Peterson (USA)
Chairperson OPAG 3 Abdallah Mokssit (Morocco)
Chairperson OPAG 4 Wenjie Dong (China)
Region III Luis Molion (Brazil)
Region V Michael Coughlan (Australia)
World Data Centres Aleksandr Sterin (Russian Federation)

The Commission decided to establish a number of Expert Teams and Rapporteurs reporting directly to the Management Group.

5.1 Rapporteur on Climate-related Hazards



5.2 Expert Team on The Guide to Climatological Practices

Terms of Reference


5.3 Rapporteur on Gender Focal Point



5.4 Rapporteur on GEO/GEOSS



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