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OPAG 1: Climate Data & Data Management


ET 1.1 | ET 1.2 | ET 1.3

Chair: Raino Heino (Finland)
Co-chair: Peter Ambenje (Kenya)



OPAG 1 Terms of Reference

(a)   To maintain an active and responsive overview of all activities related to climate data and data management, including the implementation of climate networks, climate observing requirements and standards, the implementation of climate data management systems, the rescue, preservation and digitization of climate records, and metadata for climate applications;

(b)   To ensure that the subsidiary bodies of the OPAG are well informed of global and regional activities within the OPAG’s areas of responsibility;

(c)   To monitor the roles, activities and priorities of Expert Teams and Rapporteurs established by the Commission under the responsibility of the OPAG, to ensure coordination of work between the Teams and to advise on changes.

OPAG 1 is comprised of three Expert Teams (ETs):

1.1 Expert Team on Climate Data Management including Metadata

Members & ToR

1.2 Expert Team on Observing Requirements and Standards for Climate

Members & ToR

Report of the Meeting of the Expert Team (Geneva, 28-30 March 2007)


1.3 Expert Team on the Rescue, Preservation and Digitization of Climate Records

Members & ToR

Report of the meeting of the CCl Expert Team on the Rescue, Preservation and Digitization of Climate Records (Bamako,Mali,13-15 May 2008)




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