3.5    Rapporteur on Climate and Agrometeorology (to liaise with CagM)


3.5.1  Rapporteur 3.5 : Roger Stone, Australia



3.5.2 Terms of Reference for R3.5

Note that in the General Summary Text of the proceedings of the fourteenth session of the Commission for Climatology (3-10 November 2005, Beijing China) it is noted (item 11.2.6(g)) that the Terms of Reference are broad, long-term goals that constitute a framework to guide the work of the Expert Team (ET), and that each ET will set workplans with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART) goals consistent with that framework (see 4.4.3 below)


(a)     To maintain liaison with CAgM on developments in the fields of climate monitoring, services and prediction that may have impacts on agrometeorological practices and services;

(b)     To identify and report on the scope for, and use of, seasonal predictions and scenarios of climate change in agricultural production and food security systems, especially taking account of end-user liaison;

(c)     To recommend enhancements to climate services in support of agriculture and food security;

(d)     To provide guidance on, and make recommendations for, the design and conduct of specific demonstration and pilot projects, including the calculation of cost/benefits and value of climate predictions from the user point of view;

(e)     To explore, document and make recommendations for addressing the needs for capacity building in each region, pertinent to this topic;

(f)      To submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPAG Chair and/or Management Group.