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The Commission for Climatology and the World Climate Programme strive to collaborate closely with relevant programmes and agencies on matters of climate and water including research, observations, assessments of hydrometeorological hazards, and development of applications and services.

At the Fourteenth session of the WMO Commission for Climatology (Beijing, China, 3-10 November 2005) the Commission recognized the value of the work of WCP-Water in improving knowledge of hydrological and water resource conditions, over a variety of time and space scales, in a climate context (ref CCl-XIV, section 9.10). Opportunities for better integration of climate and water activities between the CCl and the WCP-Water Programme include development and analysis of homogeneous, gap-free research datasets, joint workshops and training, and collaboration in many applications areas, including the roles of climate and water in waterborne diseases, agricultural productivity, energy generation (especially renewable energy), and in prevention and mitigation of disasters related to hydrometeorological hazards.

At its fourth meeting, in Wallingford, UK, 13-15 June 2005, the Steering Committee (SC) for WCP-Water welcomed the interest of CCl in improving interaction, and invited the Commission to sit on the WCP-Water SC. At CCl-XIV, Members nominated Nakaegawa Tosiyki (Japan) to this position. The SC also proposed a greater emphasis on capacity building in developing countries in matters of climate and water, noted the importance of maintaining and improving the monitoring networks, and urged development of stronger linkages between WCP, HWR, WHYCOS, GCOS, and UNESCO FRIEND and HELP programmes, and with agencies from other disciplines such as FAO, WHO and UNEP.

Links to relevant programmes and agencies include:
Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX)
FAO Water Resources, Development and Management Service
UNEP Freshwater
UNEP Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) Water Programmes
UNESCO Water Portal
UNESCO International Hydrological Programme
UNESCO Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (FRIEND) Programme
UNESCO Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy (HELP) Programme

Meetings and conferences of interest:
Fourth World Water Forum (WWF-4) (Mexico, March 2006)
Fifth FRIEND World Conference (Havana, Cuba, 27 November- 1 December 2006)
Fifth FRIEND World Conference (announcement)




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