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Daily news: 26 November 2012

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J. Lengoasa

Mr J. Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary General of WMO

The UN Climate Change Conference in Doha began on 26 November with calls for governments to focus on essential tasks ahead of them so that the meeting can deliver agreed outcomes and constitute another step forward in the global response to climate change.

Mr J. Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary General of WMO made a statement in the Plenary of SBSTA 37 at COP 18, Doha, Qatar. The statement was delivered at the request of COP to hear on the outcome of the extraordinary session of the WMO Congress concerning the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), its finance and governance mechanism.

WMO has submitted a document to UNFCCC (MISC. 21) which provides more detailed information on the outcome of the extra-ordinary Congress. There will also be a side event on the implementation of the GFCS that will be held in Room 4, from 18:30-20:00 on Friday 30 November.








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