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Daily news: 28 November 2012

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Press Briefing at COP 18

G. Asrar, J. Lengoassa and M. Williams

From left to right: Mr G. Asrar, Director World Climate Research Programme, Mr J. Lengoassa, Assistant Secretary-General and Mr M. Williams, Chief Communications and Public Affairs

WMO announced that years 2001–2011 were all among the warmest on record, and, the first ten months indicate that 2012 will most likely be no exception despite the cooling influence of La Niña early in the year.

WMO’s provisional annual statement on the state of the global climate also highlighted the unprecedented melt of the Arctic sea ice and multiple weather and climate extremes which affected many parts of the world. It was released on 28 November to inform negotiators at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha, Qatar.

Securing Water in the Face of Climate Change

The event "Securing Water in the Face of Climate Change" held in the China was organized by the Adapting to Climate Change in China (ACCC) an initiative supported by DfiD China. 

The GFCS was presented by Mr Filipe Lucio as a global initiative that will contribute scientific information for improved water resources management. Specific examples from China were presented by representatives of the Nanjing Hydrological Research Institute and the Inner Mongolia Department and Research Centre.





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