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Daily news: 5 December 2012

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SG’S Interviews and meeting with ministers

The WMO Secretary General was interviewed by representatives of international media, including Reuters and a Spanish TV channel.

Furthermore, on the side lines of COP 18, in Doha, WMO Secretary General met with a number of ministers who were attending the High Level Segment of the Conference.


Grasslands climate change mitigation and adaptation potential

The Government of Mongolia organized a side event titled ‘Grasslands climate change mitigation and adaptation potential’. Grasslands cover 26% of the terrestrial surface and store 8% of global carbon, yet the majority are degraded which lends itself to increases in carbon storage while simultaneously increasing productivity (biomass and livestock), food security and nutrition, adaptation capacity, and resilience.

The side-event was about Grasslands, their importance for the lives of pastoralists and herders, and also as livestock and carbon sequestration potential. Mongolia is experiencing climate warming due to climate change above average because of its topography, e.g. Mountains and high lands, thus severe facing glaciers melting for example.

Improvement of grasslands management is thus essential and many initiatives and projects, integrating expertise of UN agencies (FAO, WB, UNCCD), research (ILRI, GAR, ..), NGOs, and Countries, including BRA, NL, CH, ... are underway.

WMO representative asked panelists about the range of climate information and services that would be needed to secure/improve the benefits of the initiatives/projects. Mongolia representatives highlighted the importance of historical and present data, including meteorology and agrometeorology data sets, to make mindful analysis and carry out sensible projections. The Mongolia Meteorological Service is well positioned to do so and collaborate with other institutions, but progress is required. FAO indicated the value of reaching farmers by mobile phones and providing them user-friendly information on warnings and targeted products for their activities. Successful example in Kenya was mentioned.


Extreme Events Today and What that Can Teach Us about Adapting to Tomorrow

A side event was organized at the US Pavilion in COP 18 titled ‘Extreme Events Today and what that can teach us about adapting to tomorrow’. Dr Thomas Peterson, President of the Commission for Climatology (CCl) and Principal Scientist at the NOAA's National Climatic Data Center was one of the speakers in the event who joined via Skype and gave an in depth presentation on the most recent scientific findings on climate extremes. WMO participated in this event and intervened on the subject of extremes in a changing climate. Two other speakers were from Washington DC and California.


COP President’s Informal Stocktaking Plenary

WMO delegation attended the evening informal stocktaking plenary of COP 18, which was chaired by President Al-Attiyah. The facilitators and co-chairs of SBSTA, SBI, AWG-LCA, AWG-KP, ADP briefed the participants on latest developments and decisions taken in their meetings.



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