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Regional Climate Centres Implementation in Asia

The Regional Association II (Asia) is served by a collection of Regional Climate Centers (RCCs) having pan-Asian as well as sub-regional interests, which have established a joint portal that provides links to the various RCC products and services in RA II.  The following are the RCCs designated so far in RA II:

RCC Beijing
Designated in: June 2009
Location: Beijing, China
Domain of interest: All Asia
Web site:

RCC Tokyo
Designated in: June 2009
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Domain of interest: All Asia
Web site:

RCC Moscow
Designated in: June 2013
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Domain of interest: Member countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Web site:

RCC Pune
Designated in: May 2017
Location: Pune, India
Domain of interest: South Asia
Web site:

Three more countries in RA II, namely Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan have also expressed their interest in establishing RCCs, and are making efforts to initiate the pilot phase of operations. RA II has also decided to establish an RCC-Network for the Third Pole region (Asian High Mountain region), for which China and India have expressed initial interest.

Regional Climate Outlook Forums in RA II

    • The East Asia winter Climate Outlook Forum (EASCOF) is the successor to the Joint Meeting for Seasonal Prediction of the East Asian Winter Monsoon
    • The Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Regional Association II (FOCRAII)
    • The North Eurasian Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF) overlaps RA II and RA VI
    • The South Asian Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF)
    • The Association of South East Asian Nations Climate Outlook Forum (ASEANCOF) includes both RA II and RA V Members in the sub-region.





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