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RCC Implementation in Europe

The RCC implementation in Europe (RA VI) was decided to be in the form of an RCC-Network, comprising of centres which provide regional level services according to their individual strengths, while making use of as many national level data and products as possible. Three RCC-Network Nodes have been established, which conducted their demonstration phase during the period 2009-13:

  • RCC-Network Node on Data Services (lead: The Netherlands)
  • RCC-Network Node on Climate Monitoring (lead: Germany)
  • RCC-Network Node on Long-range Forecasting (lead: Russia and France)

Each of these nodes is supported by a consortium of NMHSs of RA VI Member countries. RA VI RCC-Network is currently being coordinated by Germany.  The network approach has been chosen to ensure incorporation of as much competence and know-how as possible of the 50 RA VI Members.

The RA VI RCC-Network has successfully completed its demonstration phase and has been recommended by WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) and Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) in September 2012 to be designated as a WMO RCC-Network.  The recommendation was accepted by WMO Executive Council in May 2013, and RA VI RCC-Network was formally designated as a WMO RCC-Network.

Domain: All countries of RA VI

Regional Climate Outlook Forums in RA VI

Southeast Europe Climate Outlook Forum (SEECOF) commenced its operations in 2008, and has sustained its activities both through on-line sessions and face-to-face sessions.  Serbia is currently coordinating SEECOF through its Southeast Europian Virtual ClimateChange Centre (SEEVCCC).


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