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RCC Implementation in Europe

The RCC implementation in Europe (RA VI) has been decided to be in the form of an RCC-Network, comprising of centres which provide regional level services according to their individual strengths, while making use of as many national level data and products as possible. Currently 3 nodes have been established under the demonstration phase of RA VI RCC-Network that commenced in June 2009:

  • RCC Node on Data Services (lead: The Netherlands)
  • RCC Node on Climate Monitoring (lead: Germany)
  • RCC Node on Long-range Forecasting (lead: Russia and France)

Each of these nodes is supported by a consortium of NMHSs of RA VI Member countries. RA VI RCC-Network is currently being coordinated by Germany.  The network approach has been chosen to ensure incorporation of as much competence and know-how as possible of the 50 RA VI Members.

The RA VI RCC-Network has successfully completed its demonstration phase and has been recommended by WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) and Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) in September 2012 to be designated as a WMO RCC-Network, and the recommendation will be considered for approval by WMO Executive Council in May 2013.

Domain: All countries of RA VI
Awaiting designation as a WMO RCC-Network

Regional Climate Outlook Forums in RA VI

Southeast Europe Climate Outlook Forum (SEECOF) commenced its operations in 2008, and has sustained its activities both through on-line sessions and face-to-face sessions.  Serbia is currently coordinating SEECOF through its Southeast Europian Virtual ClimateChange Centre (SEEVCCC).




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