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Regional Climate Centres Implementation in South America

In accordance with the Resolution 5 (RA III-16) adopted in September 2014, the RCC implementation in RA III comprises of RCC Western South America (RCC-WSA), RCC-Network Southern South America (RCC-Network-SSA) and RCC-Network Northern South America (RCC-Network-NSA).  The following are the RCCs designated so far in RA III:

Designated in: May 2015
Location: CIIFEN, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Domain of interest: Western South America
Web site:

Designated in: May 2017
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Brasilia, Brazil
Domain of interest: Southern South America
Web site:

Efforts are underway to implement RCC-Network-NSA as a collaborative effort between Brazil and French Guyana.

Regional Climate Outlook Forums in RA III

Two RCOFs, namely Western Coast of South America Climate Outlook Forum (WCSACOF), coordinated by CIIFEN, and Southeast of South America Climate Outlook Forum (SSACOF), under coordination of RCC-Network-SSA, have sustained their operations for more than a decade in RA III.




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