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RCC Implementation in Southwest Pacific

Discussions are underway to develop a strategy for RCC implementation in RA V. There are several activities and services being delivered throughout the Pacific areas of RA V that could form a sound basis on which to develop a RCC network that would meet the GDPFS requirements. Notable entities include: the Pacific ENSO Applications Centre (PEAC;, which provides climate services and support to the US-affiliated Pacific Island Countries; the Pacific Island Climate Prediction Project (PI-CPP;, which has been working to build basic climate services within several island countries of the SW Pacific including Papua/New Guinea; and the Island Climate Update (ICU;, which provides a monthly consensus summery of climate variability and seasonal outlooks for the Pacific. In addition, the entities and networks listed under RA II in effect also service South East Asian parts of RA V and the North West Pacific. Given the vastness of RA V, it may be appropriate for some regional climate services to be delivered from RCC entities or networks in adjacent Regions.

Regional Climate Outlook Forums in RA V

The Internet and teleconferencing between NMHSs and other climate centres are being used very effectively (virtual forums) to link and coordinate the delivery of NMHS based climate services throughout the region, e.g. Pacific Island Climate Outlook Forum (PICOF).


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