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The concept of the Regional Network of CLIPS Focal Points is to develop capacity in NMHSs through the selection and training of individual experts and to develop interaction on a Regional basis. It is proposed that the latter objective will be achieved by networking Focal Points into sub-Regional groupings with Rapporteurs appointed by the Regional Associations acting as coordinators. Confirmation of this approach is being sought in each Regional Association meeting as they occur; Regional Associations I, II, III, V and VI have promulgated the approach while Regional Association IV has indicated a preference for regional, rather than national, Focal Points.

Responsibilities of individual Focal Points will vary according to national or regional requirements and may include:

  • Acting as CLIPS Project Office contact points
  • Acting as national sources of information on CLIPS-related activities
  • Providing assistance in national training
  • Advising on national requirements for data access and distribution, training and projects
  • Advising on national requirements for forecasts
  • Acting as national focal points for forecast interpretation
  • Providing an interface to users and user groups
  • Coordinating research activities
  • Arranging training for users
  • Distributing training and other materials
  • Feeding material to CLIPS and national web pages
  • Reporting on national climate, prediction and applications research results
  • Reporting on climate applications and benefits achieved through their use
  • Advising on the development of the CLIPS Curriculum

Regional co-ordination will build on the above list of activities.

In all cases, the CLIPS Focal Points will provide summary reports on their national and regional climate prediction, applications and coordination activities to the WMO CLIPS Project office on a regular basis, bi-annually, in January and July of each year.

Click the on the links below to access contact information for the National CLIPS Focal Points. For country reports on CLIPS activities, you may contact the concerned Focal Points or WMO.

Region IV (North and Central America)


Some CLIPS Focal Point Initiatives




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