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CLIPS Curriculum

Climate is an area in which the staff of many NMHSs have had little or no training. Yet it is also an area in which rapidly increasing demands are being made upon NMHSs, with respect to both climate variability and climate change. Within the CLIPS experience, the 1997/98 El Niño event was instrumental in demonstrating the limited abilities of many NMHSs to respond adequately to climate information and predictions. As part of the strategy of addressing the capacity building requirements, the CLIPS Project has been developing a Curriculum covering the relevant key areas, not only to assist in the development of CLIPS Focal Points, but also to provide a resource for training of other meteorologists and end users, as well as for training in WMO's Regional Training Centres (RTCs).

The following are some core groups of modules that constitute the CLIPS Curriculum, which can be a good resource for CLIPS related training. Clearly, web-basedaccess also enables self-study opportunities, but the main objective is to provide a regular source of materials for use at RTCs and at other training events, including roving seminars. It is indeed recognised that web-based training alone is not likely to succeed without support from face-to-face training.

CLIPS Curriculum Modules




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