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Global Producing Centres for Long Range Forecasts



In 2006, WMO began a process to designate centres making global seasonal forecasts as WMO Global Producing Centres (GPCs) for Long Range Forecasts. This forms an integral part of the WMO Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS).  

Through this designation process, GPCs adhere to certain well-defined standards, aiding the consistency and usability of:

    • fixed forecast production cycles
    • standard sets of forecast products
    • WMO-defined verification standards (for retrospective forecasts)

A comprehensive set of standard verification measures has also been defined, and is known as the WMO Standard Verification System for Long-Range Forecasts (SVSLRF).

At minimum, the following are required from Global Producing Centres:

    • Predictions for averages, accumulations, or frequencies over 1-month periods or longer (typically anomalies in 3-month-averaged quantities is the standard format for seasonal forecasts, and forecasts are usually expressed probabilistically)
    • Lead time: between 0 and 4 months
    • Issue frequency: monthly or at least quarterly
    • Delivery: graphical images on GPC website and/or digital data for download
    • Variables: 2m temperature, precipitation, sea-surface temperature (SST), MSLP, 500hPa height, 850hPa temperature
    • Long-term forecast skill assessments, using measures defined by the SVSLRF


WMO Global Producing Centres (GPCs) of Long Range Forecasts

The following institutions have been officially designated as WMO Global Producing Centres (GPCs) of Long Range Forecasts:

In addition, WMO has also designated the following Lead Centres:


Other Major Centres Providing Global Seasonal Forecasts






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