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Scoping Workshop on Climate Services for Polar Regions: Establishing Polar Regional Climate Centres – Towards Implementing an Arctic PRCC-Network

Geneva, 17-19 November 2015

Draft Final Report Available Here. PRCC Workshop Participants

Draft Concept Paper on "Development of a Polar Regional Climate Centre (PRCC): Towards an Arctic PRCC-Network"

As an essential pre-requisite to determine the way forward for the implementation of a PRCC - Arctic, during the first half of 2015, the WMO Secretariat has conducted a survey of WMO Members that have expressed an interest in the Polar Regions, and in particular, those that are Members of the Arctic Council. This survey will be analyzed to ascertain the activities, services and products Members would consider to be mandatory or highly recommended functions of the proposed PRCC- Arctic.

As part of the survey, the concerned WMO Members were also invited to indicate their interest and capacities in contributing to RCC-related functions or in carrying out research to develop capacities applicable to the Arctic or Antarctic regions or sub-regions. The survey also elicited existing mechanisms for interaction with users. The responses received by the WMO Secretariat to the survey will serve as the starting point for discussion at this Scoping Workshop.

Objectives of the Workshop

This Scoping Workshop will facilitate the engagement of the user, research, and operational communities to take the first steps towards development of an implementation strategy for a PRCC- Arctic, including the possibility of it taking the form of an Arctic PRCC-Network, by:

  1. exploring opportunities and challenges relating to polar climate monitoring and prediction services and the underpinning data inputs; and
  2. building on the Survey results to hone the PRCC concept including the priority functions of the PRCCs and the implementation strategy.

The Sixth Session of EC-PHORS held from 8-11 September 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland, considered the results of the survey, provide and agreed to provide advice on the participants, expected outcomes of this Scoping Workshop and planning for similar initiatives for an Antarctic PRCC-Network as well as the Third Pole and other High Mountain Regions.

Concept Note

Draft Agenda

Participant List

Documents and Workshop Resources


All presentations given during the meeting are available in PDF follwing the agenda.



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