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WMO International Workshop on Global Review of RCC Operations

12-14 November 2018, Pune, India


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All the WMO Regional Associations WMO have committed to the establishment of RCCs/RCC-Networks in compliance with the WMO Technical Regulations, as detailed in the Manual on Global Data Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS). Since the adoption of the mandatory criteria for formal designation of RCCs in 2009, the coverage of RCCs has gradually expanded around the world.  As of date there are eight RCCs and three RCC-Networks formally designated, providing climate services and products to NMHSs in the concerned regions on an operational basis. There are also a number of RCCs that have started the demonstration phase.

There have been major achievements during the last several years of the operation of WMO RCCs/RCC-Networks, and their critical role in the implementation of the Climate services Information System (CSIS) on regional scale has been widely recognized. However, it must be noted that the formal RCC criteria and functions, both mandatory and highly recommended, were established nearly a decade ago. Meanwhile, there have been considerable developments and scientific advances in data and monitoring, sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting, downscaling techniques, impact based forecasts, tailoring of climate products to user needs, communication technologies, etc. WMO CCl, at its seventeenth session in April 2018, adopted a resolution to work towards enhancing RCC operations, and, inter alia, decided to revisit the mandatory and highly recommended functions of RCCs and the associated products and criteria, and propose suitable updates and revisions, keeping in view the emerging requirements of the CSIS, research/operational advances and the needs and capabilities of the existing as well as proposed RCCs.

It is therefore proposed to organize WMO International Workshop on Global Review of RCC Operations (RCC Review 2018) from 12-14 November 2018 in Pune, India, hosted and co-funded by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), to review the status of operation, methodologies, products/services, and institutional arrangements of all existing RCCs/RCC-networks, to identify gaps and requirements, and to propose ways for smooth and future-oriented operations and sustainable development of RCCs, and to promote sustained uptake of their services and products by NMHSs.


Setting the scene

Briefing of RCC operations around the world

RA I (Africa)

RA II (Asia)

RA III (South America)

RA IV (Northern America, Central America and the Caribbean)

RA V (South-West Pacific)

RA VI (Europe)


SWOT Analysis

Technical aspects of RCC Operations: Overview of Mandatory and Highly Recommended Functions and related aspects

Breakout Sessions

Mutual collaboration and partnership opportunities

Enhancement of RCC Operations

Conclusions and Recommendations



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