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WMO regional workshop series and implementation

The WMO series of regional workshops on climate monitoring including the implementation of climate watch systems constitute a mechanism for assisting WMO Members to identify the regions needs for setting up sound Climate Watch Systems in the regions based on regional and national capabilities and infrastructures. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To address the need for climate watches  in the region,
  • To review the status of climate monitoring and long range forecasting capabilities at regional and national level,
  • To review and discuss climate watch showcases from the region and from abroad,
  • To work on tailoring the WMO guidelines on climate watches to the region needs,
  • To recommend best practices for the region in issuing climate watches,
  • To recommend best strategies towards users of climate watches,
  • To develop an action plan to implement climate watches at national and regional level,
  • To recommend a follow-up mechanism on the implementation of a Climate Watch System in the regions. 


Regional Workshop on Climate Monitoring including the implementation of Climate Watch Systems for Arab Countries in West Asia

27-29 May 2013, Amman, Jordan

RA II Decision

WMO workshop on Climate Monitoring including the implementation of Climate Watch Systems in RAI with focus on Eastern and Southern Africa

15-18 April 2013, Pretoria, South Africa

RA I Decision




Side event on the implementation of a Climate Watch System in RA-VI in the context of GFCS

at the

European Conference of Applied Climatology in Lodz, Poland, 10 - 14 September 2012

RA VI Decision


WMO RA VI Workshop

Offenbach, Germany, 25 - 28 October 2010

Implementation Plan

RA VI Decision


WMO RA II Workshop

Beijing, China, 10 - 13 November 2009

Implementation Plan

RA II Decision


Not available

WMO RA III Workshop

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 8 - 11 December 2008

Implementation Plan

RA III Decision

WMO-No. 1067

15th session of RA III, Bogota, 22-29 September 2010 (page 50)


Examples of Climate Watches







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