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WMO workshop on Climate Monitoring including the implementation of Climate Watch Systems in RAI with focus on Eastern and Southern Africa

15 – 18 April 2013
Swanlake Hotel, Pretoria, South Africa


Pre-Session on the Global Framework for Climate Services

The Global Framework for Climate Services Karolin Eichler (WMO)
Status of climate prediction and climate services provision in Southern Africa and the Role of SADC-CSC in monitoring and predicting climate and providing climate services Brad Garanganga (SADC-CSC)
Status of climate prediction and climate services provision in Eastern Africa and the role of ICPAC in monitoring and predicting climate and providing climate services Joseph Mutemi (ICPAC)
Improving climate services – lessons learned from the Pacific region Blair Trewin (BoM)

Session I: Key lectures on rising awareness

Introduction on Climate Monitoring Blair Trewin (BoM)
Climate Variability and observed climate change in East Africa Joseph Mutemi (ICPAC)
Climate Variability and observed change in South Africa Andries Kruger  (SAWS)
Climate extremes, current status of knowledge and operational needs and challenges Blair Trewin (BoM)
WMO Climate Watch System, purpose and requirements Karolin Eichler (WMO)
Climate Watch at global level Michelle L'Heureux (NOAA)
The International Surface Temperatures Initiative Blair Trewin (BoM)

Session II: International and regional projects and activities relevant to climate watch systems

Available Climate Monitoring and Forecasting Products at the GPC-Pretoria Asmerom Beraki (SAWS)
A Show Case on CWS - Experience of the European Regional Climate Centre  Peter Bissolli (DWD)

Session III: Countries presentations on the status and priority needs of monitoring and predicting climate anomalies and extremes


John Grieffy Stegling

Burundi Aaron Ntiranyibagira
Ethiopia Melesse Lemma
Kenya  Bernard Agesa Chanzu
Lesotho Mokoena France
Malawi     Adams Shentone Chavula
Mozambique Jonas Zucule
Namibia Isabella Kapolo
South Africa  Dawn Mahlobo
South Sudan Emmanuel Qurino Nijak
Sudan Noureldin Abdalla
Swaziland Lucky Sigudla
Tanzania Wilbert Timiza Muruke
Uganda Khalid Muwembe
Zimbabwe Joyce Banda
Session IV: Hands on practical session on submission of annual and decadal global climate summaries
Lessons learned from conducting the WMO annual statements on the status of the global climate Blair Trewin (BoM)
The Decadal Global Climate Summary Karolin Eichler (WMO)






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