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The EC Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services

The Sixtieth session of the WMO Executive Council (EC-LX), decided to establish the Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services considering:

(I)      That there was a need for meteorological and other environmental data from the Polar Regions for the full implementation of the World Weather Watch, for research, monitoring and prediction of climate change and of the ozone layer over the Polar Regions,

(II)     That successful implementation of International Polar Year 2007-2008 would result in a legacy of enhanced polar observing systems and research of polar environment,

(III)    That arrangements ensuring the legacy of the International Polar Year - enhanced observational networks were crosscutting and should be closely coordinated with the implementation of the WMO Integrated Global Observing Systems (WIGOS) designed to improve in a most efficient way the capability of Members to provide the widening range of operational services and to better serve research programme requirements.


See a full description of the terms of reference (ToR) of the panel of experts here.