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WMO Antarctic Activities Programme (WMOAA)

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Executive Council Working Group on Antarctic Meteorology

Terms of Reference
(excerpt from EC-LI)
About EC WG
on Antarctic Meteorology
of the Working Group
(updated Sept. 2003)
Final Report ECWG-8
25-27 Nov 2002

Purpose and Scope

The WMO Antarctic Activities Programme (WMOAA) promotes and coordinates meteorological programmes that are carried out in the Antarctic by nations and by groups of nations.  It interfaces with all WMO programmes, including the World Weather Watch (WWW), and other related programmes throughout the world, meeting global needs and requirements for meteorological services and research activities in the Antarctic. See sample surface and upper air monitoring reports and see GTS diagrams for daily exchange and principal routes.

The programme is carried out by the Executive Council Working Group on Antarctic Meteorology which functions similarly to a Regional Association. See a full description of the Programme here, or see the latest Final Report. The main tasks of the working group are:

1.   to coordinate the implementation of the WWW basic components in the Antarctic including GOS, GTS and GDPFS; and
2.   to collaborate with other programmes and international organizations in both operational and research activities.

The Members of the Working Group are nominated by Permanent Representatives of:
*      countries that are Parties to the Antarctic Treaty; or
*      countries that have not yet acceded to the Antarctic Treaty but which have active meteorological programmes in the Antarctic.

The main long-term objectives of the Antarctic Activities Programme are stated in the WMO Fifth Long Term Plan (excerpt in MS-Word format). Briefly, the objectives are:
1.   to improve and extend the observations network;
2.   to facilitate real-time data transmission by organizing efficient communication procedures; and
3.   to provide processed data that meets the requirements of international research programmes.

Contact at WMO Secretariat for the Antarctic Activities Programme

Dr Alexander V. Karpov
Tel.: + (41 22) 730 8222

World Weather Watch Department
PO Box No 2300
CH-1211 Geneva 2

Fax: + (41 22) 730 8021

Contact the World Weather Watch Department


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