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Regional GDPFS/PWS Training Workshop on Severe Weather Forecasting and Warning Services



Pretoria, South Africa, 26 October - 6 November 2009


Documentation Plan




Local Information

May we ask you to contact Mrs Suzette Pienaar at Pretoria's office to book your bedroom and your shuttle to and from the airport. Her e-mail adress is


DPFS Programme   NEW !! (15.10.09)


PWS Programme


Note on PWS Programme


Provisional List of Participants   NEW !! (23.10.09)


Presentation of the lecturers

P. Davies Mr Paul DAVIES
R. Grumm Mr Richard GRUMM
LaurieWilson Mr Laurence WILSON
G. Faure Mr Ghislain FAURE
Kwok Lun LEE Mr Kwok Lun LEE
Eugene Poolman Mr Eugene POOLMAN
E. DeConing

Mrs Estelle De CONING




First Quarterly Reports

Period November 08 - March 09

Second Quarterly Reports

Period April - June 09

Third Quarterly Reports

Period July - September 09

First Quarterly Progress Report


First Quarter Summary of the SWFDP - PWS Aspects

Second Quarter Summary of the SWFDP - PWS Aspects

NEW !!!





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