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Related Links

 Météo-France Global Data Monitoring Report:
           Password protected, to register contact:

Global Precipitation Climatology Centre 

ECMWF Monitoring Centre, Monitoring of the observing system in:

The WWW  Global Monitoring

GSN Monitoring

GUAN Monitoring

Canadian Monitoring
is password protected. Contact for access details.

Australian Monitoring
is password protected. Contact given in web page for access details.

Australian Climate Prediction Centre - Monitoring and Data Index

NCEP quantity monitoring: 

NCEP quality monitoring:


Satellite monitoring links

UK Met Office, NWP Satellite Applications Facility - Satellite monitoring

NWS, Envirommental Modelling Centre, Global Data Assimilation

and specific on Satellite radiance:


Data Assimilation links

Observations and diagnostic tools for data assimilation

Data assimilation concepts and methods, March 1999