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Aircraft-based Observations Program
Long-term Work Plan


1 Enhancement of AMDAR Observing System Coverage.

1.1 Extend global AMDAR coverage, particularly over upper air data sparse and developing areas.
1.2 Address the requirement for national, regional and global optimization
1.3 Extend AMDAR Program to GA aircraft and coverage of regional airports.

2 Extension of the AMDAR System.

2.1 Implement water vapour sensing measurement.
2.2 Implement turbulence measurement.
2.3 Implement icing indication.

3 Research and Development of New Aircraft Observations Technologies.

3.1 Manage risks and opportunities associated with new and developing technologies in avionics, communications and metrology.

4 Development and Maintenance of the Aircraft Observing System Quality Management System.

4.1 Implement a Quality Management Framework for AMDAR that incorporates standardization across national programs, taking into account:

1) Data management;
2) Metadata management;
3) Quality control for metrological systems;
4) Systems and data monitoring and evaluation.

4.2 Develop a National and Global Aircraft Observations Data Management Framework.
4.3 Standardise AMDAR software function across avionics systems and optional sensors (e.g. water vapour) across aircraft.
4.4 Manage the data processing and quality assurance for other sources of aircraft data transmitted on the GTS including data provided through ICAO.

5 Aircraft Observing System Training and Outreach.

5.1 Develop methods and material for promoting Aircraft Observations and the AMDAR Program.
5.2 Conduct training and outreach activities in support of Core Activities.

6 Management and administration of the Aircraft-Based Observing Program

6.1 Conduct meetings of members and stakeholders.
6.2 Coordinate planning activities.
6.3 Monitor and evaluate the Aircraft-Based Observations Program.



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