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Work Program
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Aircraft-based Observations Programmatic Structure

At its 15th Session, CBS approved the reformation of the Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing systems (ET-ABO) within OPAG-IOS.

To manage the scientific, metrological and standards related aspects of aircraft-based observing systems, the CIMO 16th Session authorised the formation of an Expert Team on Aircraft-based Observations (ET-AO). This team continues in the role of the former Task Team on Aircraft-based Observations (TT-AO), which was formed in 2013 by the CIMO Management Group during the CIMO inter-sessional period.

Together, these two teams form the Aircraft-Based Observations Program, which will be supported by the AMDAR Trust Fund. The programmatic structure and support mechanisms are depicted in this diagram.


At its 15th Session (2012), CBS approved the reformation of the Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing sytems (ET-ABO).


At its 16th Session, CIMO approved the formation of the Expert Team on Aircraft-based Observations (ET-AO).

Aircraft-based Observations Focal Points

The Secretariat maintains a list of Focal Points on Aircraft-based Observations and AMDAR, which are nominated by the Permanent Representatives to WMO.

An email list of Focal Points is also maintained for communications and correspondence on Aircraft-based Observations and the AMDAR observing system. Members wishing to nominate Focal Points should contact the Secretariat.

A record of email correspondence via the Focal Points email list is available online to Focal Points that have registered their emails address as a Google Account.

AMDAR Trust Fund

The AMDAR Trust Fund, which was previously contributed to by WMO Members to support the work of the WMO AMDAR Panel, continues to be operated as a means for supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of the AMDAR Observing System and the Work Program of the Aircraft-based Observations Work Teams.

The Terms of Reference for the AMDAR Trust Fund, as approved by the WMO Secretary General and the Presidents of CBS and CIMO are available here.

It is important that, in line with the Resolution 3 by Cg-XVI (2011), Members continue
providing contributions to the AMDAR Trust Fund for the support of technical developments and capacity-building related to Aircraft-based Observations and AMDAR.

Updated: 11 November 2014



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